Rooted Reservoir Parent Panel: Discipling Kids to a Lifelong Faith in Jesus Christ 

We have hit our limit for the registrations on this event, but we are so glad you want to join us. We have decided to film the panel and if you fill out the form below, you'll receive online access to the conversation after TGCW22, as well as several exciting new parenting classes from Rooted coming this fall! 
Rooted Ministry invites you to hear from moms and dads who will discuss practical aspects of faith formation in the home. We will focus on how discipling your kids translates to living an integrated life of faith in our complex and ever-changing culture. Come hear Collin Hansen, Tracy Yi, Katie Polski, and Anna Meade Harris on a panel moderated by Kevin Yi. Skip that line at Starbucks and join us for a light breakfast and hearty conversation! Register below. 
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