Gospel-Centered Family Discipleship Courses

Rooted Reservoir is launching eight parenting video courses and corresponding Bible Studies. Each course will contain 2-10 lessons. If you fill out the form below, we will email you a sample offering of three lessons as a preview. These courses are designed to be completed in a small group, Bible Study or Sunday school. 

Access Your Sample Videos Here!

Gain your early access to three sample videos and downloadable curriculum by filling out the form below! Once you have filled it out, you'll receive an email with your access. 

 The courses releasing this fall include: 

  • Discipleship Practices for Parents of Young Children
  • Discipleship Practices for Parents of Teenagers
  • Law and Gospel in Parenting
  • Shame and Grace in Parenting
  • Idolatry in Parenting
  • Parenting Across Cultures
  • Gospel 101
  • Talking to Your Child About Sex

Contributors include: Collin Hansen, Cameron Cole, Tara Davis, Liz Edrington, David Zahl, Gil Kracke, Peter Ong, Clark Fobes, Julie Sparkman, Tal Prince, Alton Hardy, Katie Polski, Anna Harris and more.

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