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Bible-Based Curriculum

Multiple options for a full year of curriculum covering 4+ books of the Bible each year, while teaching students how to do inductive Bible study.

Youth Ministry Training Courses

From the big picture vision to practical how-to's, we have all the youth ministry training for you and your volunteers covered, virtually! 

Teaching Illustration Bank

Videos, articles, song lyrics and more, organized by topics and theological concepts to help your lessons "click" with your students.

Community of Youth Pastors

Connect with peers who are working to faithfully disciple teens through our extensive youth ministry network.

Does this sound like you?

  • Searching for how to start as a brand new youth pastor?
  • Tired of creating your own curriculum?
  • At a church without much volunteer support?
  • Burnt out and in need of encouragement?
  • Curious what other youth pastors are finding helpful?
  • Struggling to shift your youth ministry approach in light of COVID-19?
  • Senior pastor looking to equip your new youth pastor?
  • Starting a brand new youth ministry?

(psst... we've been there, too)

We are practicing youth pastors from all over the country. Over the course of the last two years, we have been building an online platform with curriculum and training that is Gospel-centered, Bible-saturated, and useful for discipling our own students. This online portal features the resources and training materials that we find valuable in our own ministries and contexts as we disciple youth, plan mission trips and train volunteers.

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Youth Pastor Testimonials:

Josh Hussung

"Rooted Reservoir studies use inductive Bible study principles that don’t just help our students learn what the Bible says, but teaches them how to read the Bible for themselves. These theologically rich yet easy to understand small group Bible Studies will be a valuable tool to youth ministries everywhere."
Pastor of Youth and Families
Grace Community Church

Kyle Kauffman

"I appreciate how it's set up with the  'What? So What? Now What?' questions. Those have helped students to understand the text and then see the implications of it for their lives. I also really appreciate the constant emphasis on the gospel and how the gospel speaks into our real world struggles. The study has sparked some great conversations."
Youth Pastor
Keystone Church