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Why Create Rooted Reservoir?

Rooted Ministry created Rooted Reservoir in pursuit of its mission to equip and educate youth ministers and parents to faithfully disciple students toward lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. The most influential factor in determining whether a child will attend church as an adult is an accurate understanding of the Gospel - God's unconditional love for sinners through Christ. Rooted Reservoir's curriculum and training resources aim to help leaders practice gospel-centered ministry, and we trust in God's unlimited reservoir of grace to change lives through His word!

Rooted longs to transform youth ministry so that every student receives a grace-filled, gospel-centered, and Bible-saturated discipleship in the church and at home.


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Rooted Ministry is a youth minister-led non-profit that seeks to advance gospel-centered youth ministry. Our mission is to equip and empower churches and parents to faithfully disciple students toward lifelong faith in Jesus Christ.

"In a world where so many increasingly and unknowingly embrace youth ministry/parenting beliefs and behaviors informed more by our changing culture than the unchanging Gospel, I am deeply grateful for the ministry of Rooted. With a stake set firmly in the ground of God’s Word, Rooted is a gift to the church, its youth workers, and its parents. Rooted provides us with a goldmine of theologically faithful and deeply practical teaching and resources."

Dr. Walt Mueller
Founder and President, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

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