Host a 2020 Micro Conference!

Would you and your church be willing to serve as a host in your community? Hosting a micro-conference will enable youth pastors in your area to view the conference content, discuss the talks, pray, and sing worship fully with other practitioners in your area. During this isolating season of COVID-19, we think safely gathering in smaller groups with social distancing protocols will be a massive blessing to youth pastors and volunteers.

Below you will find a list of general expectations as well as a list of what Rooted will supply and how Rooted will support you in your efforts. At the bottom, you will find a link where you can express your interest in hosting a Rooted 2020 micro-conference.

List of Expectations:

In general, you are providing the space, guidelines, and TV to broadcast the video content at your micro-conference site. Here are some general expectations:

(1) Facility - Open up a building, home or other accessible space to youth pastors within the capacity that your local government allows and you feel comfortable during Covid-19.

(2) Safety - Communicate to attendees (and Rooted) COVID-19 safety protocols that adhere to local and state guidelines for attendance at your site. (i.e. social distancing, group size, masks, sanitation stations, etc.)

(3) Technology - Provide A/V technology for watching the plenary sessions and workshops. Ideally, there would be one large room to watch the plenaries and some classrooms for the workshop breakout sessions. However, if you’ll have a small gathering, one room will be just fine!

(4) Food and Drink - It is not an expectation that you provide lunch or snacks. If your church has a heart and the resources for hospitality, providing lunch or snacks would be great. According to your local laws and your church’s protocols, you may ask others to bring their own food. We do ask that you provide cups, plates, utensils, and napkins for the occasion. If you can provide water and coffee, that would be great too!

(5) Recruiting - Rooted has a large reach among youth pastors across North America. Still, you will have a much better ability to recruiting youth pastors in your local area for your micro-conference. We will provide you with email templates and tools. We ask that you help to spread the word in your community to invite people to the micro-conference.

(6) Registration - When people sign up, they will pay a marginal fee in order to attend. We ask that you take attendance or keep a list of all people in attendance. If people show up who are not in attendance, we will provide means for them to register on site. Rooted needs to try to recoup some of the costs of producing the conference.

Rooted Will Provide:

(1) Preaching and Instructional Content - Provide three plenaries and six workshops. For our full speaker line-up, please click here. We will also provide a recommended schedule.

(2) Live Q&A Panel - Host a live Q&A panel on September 24 where a panel of youth pastors will be available to discuss hot topics and answer questions. We will ask for questions in advance and during the broadcast. All micro-conference sites will be tuned into this panel at the same time.

(3) Worship - Provide two song sets for worship at the beginning and end of the day.

(4) Discussion Questions - Provide discussion questions to help hosts and co-hosts.

(5) Registration platform - All participants will register for Rooted through the Rooted Reservoir site.

(6) Guidance in safety protocols - Help and guidance in establishing safety protocols. But it will be the responsibility of the host/co-hosts to be sure all established protocols adhere to the local and state recommendations or requirements.

(7) Guidance in recruiting local pastors - As mentioned above, Rooted will provide email templates and tools to help you invite other youth pastors in your region/community.

(8) Access to all instructional content - All attendees will have access to Rooted 2020 content after September 24. So if you were only able to listen to two workshops, attendees can access it at a later date.

(9) Additional support where needed - If there are specific ways that Rooted can support you, please let us know. We are happy to help provide needed items or counsel to help you and all of your attendees feel safe.

To express interest in hosting Rooted 2020, please fill out the form here.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this request. Please contact Mary Beth at [email protected] if you have any questions.