Teaching Illustrations Bank

Real-life examples to help illustrate your teachings

When teaching a Bible passage it can be helpful to use examples from culture (songs, movies, graphics, etc.) to further elaborate on the main point of the lesson. But, it’s not always easy to find an illustration that communicates what you want. Our illustrations will help you prepare your lessons and generate ideas. Illustrations are tagged by topic and/or theological concept, so you can find the imagery that fits your lesson — from common teen issues like anxiety and heartbreak, to foundational theology like the attributes of God, Jesus’s divinity, and grace.

Types of Illustrations

Over 200+ (and counting!) illustrations to use to help your talk connect with students.

Illustration Bank Examples

Tom Brady: “There’s Gotta Be More than This…”

NFL superstar and Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady seemingly has it all but still desires more. A real-life illustration of Ecclesiastes 3:11 (God putting eternity into the heart of man), the “God-Sized Void” Pascal wrote about, or Solomon’s dissatisfaction, even with all his wealth, accomplishments, and wives (Ecclesiastes 1:1-17).

Topics: Unsatisfied Heart, Human Insufficiency / Need for God

Team Rescues Toddler from Well

These photographs capture the rescue team that saved a 1.5-year-old stuck in a well. Similar to this toddler, every human is reliant upon another for salvation. If this human team cared this much about one child, imagine what lengths the Father has gone and will go to to rescue you.  

Topics: Desire for Independence / Self-Rule, Forgiveness, The Gospel

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